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Chicago Climate Futures Exchange
Renewable Energy Overview Print

IntercontinentalExchange offers renewable energy certificate (REC) contracts on underlying compliance RECs for New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  More Info

A REC represents the environmental attributes of one megawatt hour of renewable energy generation. REC markets are driven by renewable energy portfolio standards, state policies that require electricity providers to obtain a prescribed percentage of their energy from renewable sources by specified dates, most often on an annual basis. Electricity providers can satisfy their Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements through the direct generation of renewable energy, or by purchasing RECs.

REC contracts offer market participants an opportunity to trade RECs with price transparency and with the elimination of counterparty default risk.


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CCFE Closurepress
Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE) announced plans to wind down operations in August of 2011. Effective as of February 28, 2012 there is no remaining open interest in contracts at CCFE and all contracts have been delisted.